Plum tree
Prunes with walnuts


For generations we’ve been told that prunes are good for us, but did you know that it’s now official?

After six years of studying prunes in-depth, independent experts at the European Food Safety Authority have confirmed what our grandmothers have been telling us all for years? Prunes are “beneficial for digestive health”! Does that make a prune a Super Food? We think so.

So what is it about Poljootkup prunes that make them so good?

Well first off they’re naturally free of fat and saturated fat, reducing consumption of which contributes to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels. They’re also naturally salt and sodium free and reducing consumption helps maintain normal blood pressure. But they are packed to the wrinkly rim with vitamin K and potassium and also a source of manganese, copper, and vitamin B6 - all of which help to look after everything from your blood and bones on the inside, to your skin and hair on the outside.