About us

Poljootkup DOO company based in Cacak has been operating successfully since 2000. From the very beginning was oriented to the processing and drying of local varieties of fruit, especially prunes.

Poljootkup sušara

Fresh fruits cames from areas wich are most famous according to the best quality of each kind of fruits. Since the beginning of 2010 Poljootkup has its own plum orchard (plum), with the aim of further expanding fruit plantations, thus rounding production cycle. Plant for processing and drying of fruits is 20 km from Cacak in the village Bresnica. We own dryer on LPG. Dryer capacity is 20 tons of fruit per day. Our dry fruit is without presense of smoke. To meet all word standards and criteries for food productions and processing, to increase eficiency, productivity and safety of our products Poljootkup DOO has been implemented in 2009. quality sistem SRPS ISO 9001/2008 and food safety standard HACCP. Fruit processing is in strictly hygienic conditions and product safety is in line with global food safety standards.

Poljoootkup DOO has 6 fully time employees and, during season, employs 30-50 seasonal workers. Thanks to high-quality products, our years of experience, fast and efficient service, high level of responsibility we have established long term business relationships with foreign buyers. Over 98% of annual production of prunes is intended for export to EU countries and Russia. Our primary goal is generate of high quality products and services. The seat of all our efforts is the consumer, which we want to provide quality and healthy prunes and other dried fruits.

We aim to provide our customers with the best service and the most competitive price. In order to build relationships of trust and confidence we are and we will:

  • Communicate with customers and listen to their views
  • Adapt and change to meet the demands of our customers
  • Work openly and honestly with them